Daisies and Buttercups

Daisies and Buttercups

Monday, November 25, 2013

Birds in the Air Quilt Pattern

I've been working on my latest cozy mystery in the Pecan Valley Series and have chosen Birds in the Air as title and quilt pattern for the book cover. I found this delightful material and used the birds in each triangle.

The pattern has an interesting story:
The Birds in the Air quilt pattern is symbolic of flight or migration and the dominant colored “arrows” once pointed to the direction of safe travel for the slaves.

The Underground Railroad was a network of abolitionists helping slaves escape to the north. Because slaves were forbidden to read and write, the abolitionists devised a way to communicate directions to safe territory. One of the ways was to hang quilts with special patterns on the washing line or through an open window appearing that the housewife was simply washing or airing the quilt.

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